WordPress Training

Are you using WordPress to run your website or blog? Are you in need or personalised WordPress training to help you get to grips with WordPress?

One to one WordPress training

I offer one to one personalised WordPress training at a place convenient to you, it maybe your office, a local coffee shop or your home, I can come along and in 2 hours get you to fully understand how WordPress works and how to utilise all the features available.

Group WordPress Training

I offer group based WordPress training courses, I can take a group of upto 15 people and give them a 3 hour intensive WordPress training course where they will learn how to make the most of the WordPress features.

What I teach

I teach a wide range of tasks related to WordPress and each course is tailored to the trainees requirements, common things I will go over include:

– How to add, delete and edit blog posts and static pages

– Uploading and utlilising plugins

– Making amendments to the website

– Updating the WordPress system to a new version

If you’re looking for onsite WordPress training, get in touch today on 01285 323455

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